Hi đź‘‹ my name is

Miss Ashley

I’m a teacher mama who understands what it is like to educate in the elementary classroom and convert that knowledge to teaching my own kids. Teachers have a unique set of problems that need solving…Let’s be real, we are exhausted!

Teaching large class sizes with an array of needs, then having the energy to come home and be moms is tough! We crave investing in our own children by being present, educating, and building memories.

In order to be the teachers and mothers we want to be we have to find solutions to our most common stumbling blocks: We face the frustration of classroom behavior issues and the lack of necessary resource, there is not enough time in a day to create new classroom learning materials, we have an overwhelming workload that makes it difficult to stay organized and prepared, and we aren’t provided with enough professional development opportunities.

Here is how I plan to help tackle these issues that are holding us back from powerful, effective teaching at school and being a present, loving, and creative mom at home:

  • I am going to save you time by simplifying and expediting classroom processes.
  • I will produce new custom printable content for you on a monthly basis plus access to my digital library of resources.
  • I am committed to be a teaching coach and mentor as I communicate with our online community and provide professional development content.