Does Your Child Struggle with Identifying Letters?

Does Your Child Struggle with Identifying Letters?

The ability to identify letters in the alphabet is an essential skill for your child to master in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. If your child is struggling with letter identification or is struggling and past Kindergarten, don’t worry, they can catch up.

The first step is to realize the importance of letter identification. Identifying letters is a foundational building block of learning to read fluently. Parents and teachers please take this seriously! So many children fall through the cracks on letter identification and struggle later on because they didn’t master this foundational step.

The next step is to produce engaging, fun ways to identify letters with your child. Yes, with your child! Making this a shared activity motivates a child to learn and the bonus is quality time together. For instance, you could play a game requiring your child to find different letters as you walk through the grocery store or as you’re looking at the menu in a restaurant. Read to your child and when you’re finished, ask them to find different letters in the book. Identifying letters can be fun, it doesn’t have to be mundane memorization. You can really make this a game anywhere you encounter text which is everywhere!

Finally, provide lots of praise as your child tries to identify letters. Stay patient and encourage your child by showing excitement for the letters they got right. Don’t harp on the letters they had trouble identifying. Just keep having fun together and practicing. Allow your child’s schoolwork to be quality time.

I have created a letter identification game to print out and play at home or during reading centers for my teacher friends. Your child can identify letters and match them to their corresponding uppercase or lowercase counterparts. For instance, Aa or Bb. I hope you click on this link and visit my other resources on teachers pay teachers under my store, Ready Reading Resources. You can also follow me on Twitter @Ashley_B_Hinkle. Good luck and have fun!

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