Coffee and Conversation: Basic Thoughts on Evangelism

Coffee and Conversation: Basic Thoughts on Evangelism

There are countless books to read on evangelism. Some share deep theology and complicated methods while others leave out sharing the gospel entirely. I have read many different books on evangelism and building community with people. At times, reading a plethora of materials leaves me feeling overwhelmed and unequipped.

I recently moved to a new community, a small town in Northern Maryland. A town small enough to walk to Starbucks and McDonalds from home. A town so small that we have to travel to go shopping or to eat at a sit down restaurant. I fell in love with the simplicity of life and the potential to actually know my neighbors in this town. I noticed that this small community did not have a single church building, more reason to build relationships and evangelize.

The desire to meet new people and allow for opportunities to share the gospel again caught fire in my soul. I decided to make myself present, available. Rather than working out in the gym, I’m jogging or walking in my neighborhood. I’m spending time praying and reflecting at the community park. I’m even spending money at small local restaurants to get to know the staff instead of driving to the city and eating at big chain establishments. But the real revelation came today while sitting at Starbucks.

I realized I had completed my part of evangelizing even though I only made brief small talk with one person. I had confirmation in my spirit that my job was to be present and available to have conversation with people. I was prepared to share the gospel. All I should do next time is pray that the Lord would send me the person He wants me to meet. Finally, I’m understanding that God has the tough job of softening hearts and saving souls. I’m just a messenger partnering in His mission, praying for His will, making myself available to other people, and being prepared to share the gospel.

I have a bad habit of trying to do everything in my own strength. No wonder a lot of things I try don’t work out. But when I surrender control and partner with the God of the universe on His mission, I know I will witness amazing results. Let’s not over complicate evangelism. It can be as easy as having coffee and being open to conversation. We need to think through a simpler lens, pray, be available, and share the gospel when we have the opportunity. After all, that is what Jesus did.

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