National Cherry Blossoms

National Cherry Blossoms

Every year, my family and I drive into Washington, D.C. to view the gorgeous cherry blossom trees surrounding the Tidal Basin. As a native of the Washington metro area, this is a tradition that actually marks the beginning of spring for me. It isn't really spring if I don't see the beautiful peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, the weather in mid to late March often challenges the bloom of these amazing flowering trees. However, if they survive the cold temperatures, the blossoms are a must see destination. This year the blossoms were hit with below freezing temperatures in addition to ice and snow. Good news! Despite suffering some damage, the cherry blossoms survived and are at peak bloom right now! If you thought you missed out on this years bloom, there is still time to make it to the city.

Thousands of tourists pour into the city each year for the Cherry Blossom Festival and enjoy walking the length of the Tidal Basin while reading the history behind them on signs spread along the path. There are over 2,000 cherry blossom trees surrounding this body of water and the Jefferson Memorial. The sea of pink and white blooms are a gift from Japan as a reminder of peace. The festival held each year celebrates the history and beauty of the national cherry blossoms. Don't worry if you can't make it to the Tidal Basin, there are more trees scattered around the city for a quick selfie.

After making the cherry blossoms a priority every year, I've picked up some tricks of the trade. There is free parking behind the Jefferson Memorial in East Potomac Park if you're comfortable with walking the equivalent of a few city blocks. The walk is worth it as you get some exercise and see a few cherry blossom trees scattered along the path. Another tip while you're in the city is to stop by Georgetown Cupcake for their seasonal cherry blossom cupcake or Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken for their seasonal cherry blossom doughnut and chicken tenders. After spending a day in D.C., visit this years pop-up cherry blossom bar in the shaw neighborhood in the Southern Efficiency restaurant. The theme is classic Mario Brothers and Cherry blossoms. Two rooms are dedicated to the beloved Mario Brothers video game and one room is for the cherry blossoms. The line is so long we haven't been able to visit this festive pop-up but we plan to get there early around 3 or 4 p.m to ensure a spot. Hurry over and visit before it closes April 15th!

The cherry blossoms are a beautiful, must-see destination in Washington, enraptured in history which causes the entire city to celebrate in unique ways. If you are inspired to go visit the cherry blossoms, leave a comment and share some photos of your trip!

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