No More Faking Fine Book Review

No More Faking Fine Book Review

Many have never heard the word "lament." For most of us in the church, we have heard the word "lament" but it's fallen on deaf ears and we haven't even looked into its definition. Get ready to have your mind blown! Esther Fleece explains the journey of lament through her own personal experiences and walks alongside you as you begin to understand and lament yourself.

Fleece writes with the perfect balance of theological knowledge and personal experiences with lament. Using Scripture, she simultaneously encourages the reader while challenging them to draw near to the One who is greater. She illustrates the healing power of lament that we will never encounter if we continue "faking fine." Esther Fleece calls us to lament so we can be drawn closer to God, experience healing, and grow in spiritual maturity to come alongside others who need to lament.

I am overwhelmed by the intimate transparency Fleece shows throughout this book. Her writing actually models how to lament to the reader. As you read, you feel like you're sitting in a coffee shop with Esther, listening to her story. I found myself crying out to God for my own wounds that I had buried deep after years of pretending things were fine. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized I never healed, I never lamented, and I never truly forgave.

I cannot simply recommend this book. I feel implored to share this book with everyone I know and to write about it on every platform that's accessible. I'm pleading with you to read this book. It's that important. You will inevitably be led to the feet of Jesus as you weep as He wept and experience the healing only He can give.

We must lament. We must stop faking fine. We must commit to ending the pretending, together.

Thank you Esther Fleece for being courageous enough to write this much needed book for a broken world desperately in need of lament.

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