Pizza Grilled Cheese

Pizza Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is a staple in the American kitchen. Sometimes you crave the cheesy goodness of the sandwich and other times you raid your cabinets only to find bread and cheese, so what do you do? You make grilled cheese.

One thing I love about this sandwich is its so versatile. Growing up we ate the classic yellow American cheese melted on white bread. If we wanted to put a little more effort into it, we would add a slice of garden tomatoes on the cheese. You can’t beat a summer grilled cheese with fresh sliced, home-grown tomatoes. Now that I’m making the grilled cheese for myself, I created my own version. I’ve been in love with my pizza grilled cheese since I first tried it and it’s perfect anytime, especially on a sick day like I’m having today.

I warmed up a small frying pan on medium high heat allowing a small sliver of butter to melt and coat the pan. I placed the two pieces of white bread in the pan and waited a couple of minutes, lifting the corners up to check how the toasting was going. Then, after the first side became light brown, I flipped both pieces of bread. I added one piece of provolone (two would be even better) on one piece of bread. After the second side was lightly browned, I placed the plain piece of bread on top of the slice with cheese. I left the sandwich in the pan another minute or so, flipping as needed. Really you need to eyeball it and judge the bread to your liking. After slicing the sandwich in half, I poured some traditional Prego sauce on the side. Make sure you dip your delicious grilled cheese generously in the sauce! Honestly, this sandwich tastes like an amazing Italian meatball sub minus the meatballs.

I’ve already thought of a few variations for this pizza grilled cheese, like using Panera Bread’s tomato basil bread, using other Italian cheeses, and adding sausage or pepperoni to the inside of the sandwich. If you try my pizza grilled cheese, leave a comment to let me know how you personalize your sandwich! Don’t forget to subscribe to get regular recipe updates!

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