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Episode 13: Forget that Letter Grade! Adopting a Mastery Focus

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is mastery focus?
  • Using a mastery focus to view student work and to make assessment decisions when evaluating homework and classwork
  • Make small changes by grading differently on classwork assignments before changing your test scoring
  • Give constructive feedback to students that encourages them to try again and resubmit
  • Create boundaries for re-submitting assignments to maintain fairness
  • The goal is to allow students to revise their work so they can build confidence and be more self-motivated to strive
  • for success
  • Our mindset must shift as teachers to become more of a coach or facilitator who is on a collaborative learning journey with the students
  • Mastery focus reduces cheating in the classroom
  • The mastery focus also reduces behavior problems and helps with classroom management
  • Reflect on the main goals and priorities you have for your students and their learning outcomes.
  • Promoting a growth mindset for ourselves and for our students
  • Purging our learning environments of discouraging displays and practices

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