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Episode 16: Little Bloggers, Podcasters, and youtubers? Increasing Student Engagement using long form content and edtech tools

In this episode we talk about:

  • The need for more student engagement strategies with the shift to online learning
  • Keeping students engaged, motivated, and attentive whether teaching in-person or online
  • My personal teaching style is a hybrid model with some traditional methods but is mostly based in collaborative learning practices that incorporate Edtech tools.
  • The benefits of switching to online learning for teachers
  • Embracing technology with student learning and desired outcomes
  • Providing relevant contexts for students to produce content with tech tools
  • How knowing your students individual strengths helps them be successful with long form content like blogs, videos, or podcasts
  • Scaffolding new experiences for our students to help them cope with anxiety and the feeling of leaving their comfort zones.
  • Teaching students that some of the biggest successes come when we move out of our comfort zones
  • Allowing time for students to collaborate and review the content they’ve made
  • Modeling constructive feedback through the lens “is this helpful?”

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