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Episode 18: The Power of Pause, How Eagerly Expectant Wait Time Improves Speech and Learning

In this episode we talk about:

  • How I struggle with giving wait time with all of the demands of a busy classroom!
  • The results of not giving wait time, how it makes students feel, and how it can impede learning
  • How much wait time is enough before moving on in the lesson
  • Promoting and modeling a growth mindset and waiting expectantly with a positive attitude because your students are watching!
  • The importance of self-care for teachers so we have the patience to wait for our students to respond
  • How wait time is valuable with our own children and how I’ve had to stretch that muscle with my 2 year old’s speech delay
  • How wait time and body language encourage our children and students to speak or not speak
  • Perseverance and communication breakthroughs! Self-reflect on how you come across to other people with body language, attitude, and tone. Are you encouraging people to respond to you or avoid giving answers?

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